Tabor City North Carolina

Thirteen pieces of silver for the health of your family?
How dangerous can this be?


Are they making you sick? Yes they are!

Tabor City NC - Big Trucks spew out nitrogen dioxide (NO2). NO2 according to the EPA website causes: breathing problems, asthma, respiratory infections. says NO2 is the cause of asthma in children. And the worst of all, it’s a carcinogen, which means it causes cancer.

See these yard trucks the corporation uses, not sure the exact title. They are the least regulated of all semi trucks, that means they spew more pollution than newer semi trucks. As if some is not enough, these spew more. Do you know what the train uses for fuel? Same as these trucks, just more.

See the image that looks like a chart? That is from a pollution monitor that we purchased from Plume Labs. See around 8:00 in the morning the pollution ramps up until late afternoon. This is from our monitoring on Wall St in Tabor City, NC.  I’ll gamble to bet that the same results or similar will be found along 5th Street, Pireway Rd, Pete Circle and around all the corporation facilities.

So taking your kid to school, your kid playing at school, your kid walking around outside near any of the corporation trucking facilities/lanes will expose you to a lot of NO2. If you drive one of these trucks, if you work on the loading dock, you are getting exposed to large doses of NO2.

NO2 will make you sick. NO2 can cause cancer. So if they allowed these facilities, allowed this massive expansion of truck traffic, they brought the railroad back, that means they accepted the pollution and the health of you and your children for money. I’m guessing it was 13 pieces of silver.

Tabor City NC - 

So, do you like to hunt? Fish?

You care about the world? the environment? for your kids.. sure we all do.

Question: does the town manager?

We have more coming but let me summarize for you right now. The town of Tabor City NC, under the leadership of the current town manager, has been polluting the fresh water system in Columbus County since the 1990’s.  I have State and EPA reports of years of failure to comply with the “minimal standards”.

In this section you see an article that wonders, acknowledges that the Town Manager picked paying fines and polluting the environment over doing his job.

You also see where the EPA has charge the same town manager. This would be criminal activity from anyone else.

I have stated here that the town cares more about money than people.  All the while they're polluting our environment. 

So, where did the money go? Why is the plant still polluting your kids environment?  Why does your elected Tabor City NC town council not address these issues?


Millions spent (supposedly) on the Water Treatment Plant, and still over the years the plant has NEVER not polluted our environment. We will soon add a pollution page for you to follow up on.

What sort of vile human, in 2019, would not care about the environment.

If you don’t care about the environment, do you care about kids? It’s their future.


So How Bad is it?

To the right, credit, your town manager makes $110,00 per year.

Below that, the most of us here in Tabor City, as of 2016, average $20,000 per year.  

Your average home price, $89,000, well below the state average. 

And the chart below that, home sales here over the last many years. One thing you should note, with the RAPID expansion of the WAREHOUSES in town over the last few years, you see a steep decline in the price of homes and the number of homes selling.

REASON: No one wants to live in a a town full of warehouses. They might want to work here, but they don’t want to live here. 

So a good portion of you are living below the poverty level, working in a warehouse (maybe) for a millionaire. Your home is worth CRAP and if you decide to move you will get JACK Squat for it.

You get less than $10 per hour and your home is worth almost 1/2 the rest of the state.

So how about Loris. They don’t have warehouses on every corner and semi trucks all over town. Just one quick clip of Loris below, the average income is almost double Tabor City and the home price is almost double.

So what are we paying the Town Management for?

You can do nothing or you can vote in the next election for someone new.
You can do nothing or you can run for office.
Just don’t cry when the next warehouse is on your street or next to your home.
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