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How dangerous can this be?

Ok - It’s time for a NEW TOWN MANAGER

Two images here. One is from the local paper. Show them paying $585,000 for a really old building, that they “intend” to purchase.  That works out to about $180 per sq ft. The 2nd image is other stuff in the area, commercial and the price per foot that it sold for. No where near $180, and the one that did list for over $100 did not sell. Most sells for less than $100/sq ft. In fact, you can see this same building sold just a few years ago for $54/sqft.

So HOW did they come up with $585,000? Hey, it’s your tax dollars. But I think they might be helping out one of their friends again? 

Do you see that?


Tabor City NC - $80Million Dollar Man - Town Manager developes NEW CONSTRUCTION method - It is FANTASTIC!!!

Here is the drone shot of our new parking lot adjacent to the Train Depot. Now here’s the revolution. You do the parking lot grading, spend weeks an tens of thousands of dollars of tax payer money, getting it just right.
STEP 2 - then you dig it all up to put in the drains and tile.

OK, you got me, it’s not a new construction process, it’s yet another SCEW UP by the town manager that will cost you the tax payer.

They let the contractor fill in the old drain, then they flooded the adjacent properties during the last tropical storm, then they realize the town manager has no idea what the hell he is doing.

He might be good at hiring good people to write grant proposals, but once the money gets in the town managers hands, it just might get wasted.


So what are his other screw ups, will here are just a few:
1. Spending money with out proper approval - see articles below - this is illegal and endorsed by your ignorant town council.
2. He picked the old buildings on west 5th street (to help himself) and ruled out a new structure on lot #3 in the industrial park - and now you see that building on west 5th still setting there, budget over-runs, miscalculations by the town manager on the actual cost of remodeling a 100 year old structure - yet another screw up.


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Tabor City NC,  Tabor City North Carolina
Tabor City Town Management
Tabor CIty Town Manager
Tabor City Town Council
Town of Tabor City NC

Would you believe they are still doing it?

So this months town council meeting, once again they show their colors. Zoning board said NO to a main street property being rezoned. Town Management overroad the Zoning board.

Ok, why? If it was your zoning request and the Zoning Board said no, you think Town Management would change it for you?

And that’s the point, not that they did this or that, but would you get the same treatment.

I bet you you don’t. This is a GOOD OLE BOY system and if you are not one of their GOOD OLE BOYS. You might not get the same treatment.

Well, if your name was Hunter Biden you might.

Four Old Rich Men - Tabor City NC

So now we are getting to the areas where I have to be careful. I was told by an ex-town-cop a few years ago that they were actively looking for a reason to arrest me. Said they had even had a meeting about it. I’m not sure, but I have a witness to the cops statement.

So FOUR OLD RICH MEN is a storey about four rich men, hiding behind various LLC’s, a politician, a town manager and just two other old rich guys they are in business with. Its about using power and position to enrich themselves even further.

So go look at the county GIS and look at the land these apartments sit on. Look who sold. Google the LLC’s you see. Tie that in with the two LLC’s the town manager is hiding behind.

Then look at this meeting on the 3rd set of apartments. Outside of town (when they had land in town identified for apartments), cost the tax payors $600,000 to bring this about. And in this article you can see the county does not want this. 

I can’t say more or they will sue me. But you get the idea, just read the article. Then go look at the county GIS, then google the LLC’s. And draw your own conclusions.

John Stossel: When politicians favor their friends, that's not capitalism, that's corruption

Tabor City NC,  Tabor City North Carolina
Tabor City Town Management
Tabor CIty Town Manager
Tabor City Town Council


Councilman (old mayor) using his power!!

I'm hearing a lot of people having issues with the town. Can't finish their home because of this rule or that. People denied the ability to put a mobile home where an old home existed.

I get it, there are rules we all should follow, right?

Well, we the tax payers should follow but not your elected leaders. Example you say? Sure. Lets go back to 1996. The mayor bought a lot over on lake tabor and was going to build a house. But he had one BIG issue, the lot was not in the city limits. So technically when he moved into this house, he should have resigned as mayor.

Remember rules are rules and we should all follow them, right? Well, the mayor (while still mayor) had the town annex that one lot before he moved in. Problem solved. Oh, but annexing is not free, so then mayor used your money to annex his new home, so he could STAY IN POWER.

This mayor currently is a member of the Tabor City town council. Want to guess who it is? He's the one that loves to attack anyone that exposes the town management corruption.

Ok, so here’s my warning. These are FACTS pulled from town documents. The sitting mayor used his power to annex his new home. Like it or not the proof is here. Was it legal - well a town can annex, so technically it is legal. 

Oh, and MR COUNCILMAN - this too has been passed along to the STATE AUDITOR.

The bigger questions “was it ethical” and “would they do this for you”. On the first question, it is my opinion it was not ethical. This cost you the tax payor money and it directly benefited the mayor, a politician. And lastly, would they do this for you (an ordinary citizen)? They would do it for a rich friend, but I highly doubt they’d do it for me. For reference see the “Communism” article below.


You can click on these images to get a larger version

Challenge Accepted

In the October 2020 town council meeting, this councilman  threatened us. Said if he ever saw his name on this site, he would come after us. 

Ok Councilman, here you go.

Keep in mind, you were and still are a publicly elected official and as such you are subject to scrutiny. Keep in mind I have all the documents to back up my scrutiny. Keep in mind, you did have your new home annexed while mayor and you used tax payor funds to do it. Keep in mind, I have given facts and then expressed my opinion of those facts.

My overriding question here is, does your town treat you like they treat themselves and their RICH friends. Answer - they do not. The law and government is suppose to treat everyone the same.

Are you living in “Communism” ? 

Well, you may not think so based on the classical definition. But I am going to say you are! Why, because you decline to involve yourself in your local government. As such you have allowed 5 or 6 old rich people to run your town for the last 30 years. 

And with that comes what you see here. People that live in an area object to changes. Council sits in a room with you to allow you to express your frustration, then they do what the hell they want. YOU DON’T MATTER. And you never have.


More Site 3 - Proof - They LIED

Tabor City NC January 1, 2023
So we made a public records request to the county, about the Tabor City Town Management LIE that the 5.1 acres would be needed for a parking lot.

To the right, email from Ms. Prince, Columbus County PIO saying she can find “NOTHING” about any such parking lot. No emails, no quotes, no financial request for funds, no bids, no letters, nothing.


Clcik image to enlarge

Only in Tabor City NC

That is your tax payer paid for car.

The gas in that police car, paid for by you.

The protection being provide for free to a $500 million dollor corporation? Or are you paying for that too?

Your town management = Legal Criminals


#taborcity #taborcitync #taborcitytownmanagement

Tabor City, NC

OK, Let’s clear this up?

So here we have a quote from the letter back to the town from the lawyer. Next you will see the actual law as written.

The law says if you do this “OR” if you do this “OR” if you do this. That means any one of these is a violation of the law.

The lawyer admits the town manager “benefited” from his illegal dealings. Yep, you improve a huge property next to the property you own, you definitely benefit. So the town manager did break the law and the Mayor helped him do it (see our article below about site #3 and the parking lot. 

They are all guilty, 100%.

And let me take you once more to how they work. The 3rd image here is the invoice where they paid the lawyer $3,300.00 from the towns general fund. I can find no town council meeting minutes where this was approve by town council.

And lastly, the town manager makes somewhere between $125000 and $150000 or more per year. Thats about 5 to 6 times the average wage of the people in this town. To attempt to vindicate the town manager for ethics and crimes committed by him and his personal dealings and use tax payer money to pay the bill is beyond criminal.

Why did the Town Manager not pay this out of his own money????? Why are we the tax payers paying for this? We had nothing to do with this!!!

You can click on these to make them larger….





You need to read this!!!   Aug 25, 2022

In this post we have two links for you. These are associated with the article below, where the Tabor City NC Mayor tried to cover for the ethics violations and illegal activity of the Town Manager.

One is the letter from the Mayor to the Lawyer in Chapil Hill. The 2nd is the letter from the lawyer back to the town.

Now here’s the issue, the Mayor has come up with some dumb idea that someone has accused the Town Manager at some point owned the building that the new Business Incubator is going into. THIS IS A COMPLETE FALSE STATEMENT and they know it.

The second issue is the lawyer references the applicable law, but does not quote it or use that law correctly. And that’s ok, We will quote the law and let you see what the law says. That will be in the article above this one.


Letter from the Mayor to the lawyer.


Letter from the lawer back to the town.

I encourage you to read both. If you do, please read them maybe a couple of times and let it process.

Tabor City, NC

Only in Tabor City NC

Sorry local paper - I hate to use this much of your work, but it needs to be shown here for context. 

I want you to read this entire article. Pay close attention to the words that are documented coming out of the Mayor’s mouth. Look at his questions, why? They don’t really address the entirety of all the issues, nobody is arguing about who use to own what, no one is arguing about a parking lot. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT ALL THE PROPRERTY THE TOWN MANAGER OWNS HIDING BEHIND TWO LLC’s. They don’t even mention the 2nd LLC. 

Then go look in the second image, look at the questions the lawyer appears to answer, they DON’T match what the mayor is documented to be asking.

Why? The entire article looks to have been written by a third grader, no wait, that’s an insult to a third grader. But the information does not make any sense. They are litterally jumping all over the place. 

So the question is, why not publish the letter from the lawyer? In the paper, on the papers website, on the towns website? Why? Why should we trust your interpretation?

It’s subtle. They bounce around “legal” and don’t really address “ethical”. Ethical matters. And when they address legal, they don’t address all the data. How about Site #3 and the lies told by the Mayor and Town Manager? How about the fake town council meeting minutes documented by this site? Minutes of a fake meeting that never happened, why?

They know legal opinions louded by some Chapel Hill lawyer with only part of the entire picture of their corruption won’t really matter. They want this on the record. Something they can point to when …. well… I’ll leave this for a later date.

Trust me, they know.

Oh, one more thing, look at that text right under the picture of the new business incubator, make sure you pay close attention to that. “renovations are currently on hold”, why? A birdie tells me they are already out of money, but who knows.

Tabor City water and Sewer

You know how I know it’s a lie, one sentence is missing. “ IF WE DON’T GET THE GRANTS WITH THE HIGHER RATES, THEN WE WILL LOWER THE RATES BACK TO WHAT THEY WERE”.

But they can’t say that?

Tabor City NC - I told you so!!!!

I just wish they’d be honest once, just once. But I guess they can’t say we’ve waisted your tax dollars for 20 years paying our consultant buddys, building multiple unneeded downtown buildings (statues to our legacy), Lied to you, used our power and position to get rich and oh by the way you are about to GIVE US MORE OF YOUR MONEY.

But I’m telling you, that’s what they have done. And your increased TAX Bill and your increased WATER BILL and your increased SEWER BILL will NEVER GO BACK DOWN!

So, they can’t say that, so …. hummmm what can we say, oh I know, we can say the SAME STUFF we been saying for the last 20 years, a big LIE. 

Wow, I’m tired of being right cause now my cost are going up just like yours.


Well, I guess they think we are stupid!

We have documented here that the Town Manager wanted the new business incubator on West 5th Street to improve his property values for the nearly 50% of the street he owns, hiding behind 2 LLC’s. And we wondered exactly how they manged to cover their tracks.


In early 2018 when they had received the recommedations from the first study, they did not want to use that study (or town manager did not) so they came up with a BIG FAT LIE. The lie was the little tiny building at the industrial park was so full, that 5.1 acres of land would not be useable because it would become a parking lot for the tiny little building.

So that let them hire their Engineers to do a 2nd study and guess what the Engineers recommended, 5th Street. We will post that 2nd study here so you can read it.  But the study was based on the the lie and they actually state the lie in the study. They needed a parking lot.

All sounds good, but it was a lie. They never expanded the parking lot, the 5.1 acres still sets empty, there never was a need for the expanded parking and they never even BID out the parking project. They just needed it in the paper to cover their tracks. Figured we were TOO STUPID TO LOOK!

Now heres the funny part, in the image titled “Hold Steady is Tabor Budget Plan”, the town manager actually says this is a “strong attempt to curtail spending”. OK stop laughing. They paid for a 2nd study to cover a lie, they paid $50,000 for christmas ornaments, $50,000 for a 2nd sign, $85,000 for a parking lot at the failed Train Depot, plus Hundreds of THOUSANDS of your tax dollars on this incubator and train depot building. 

If that’s holding the line on spending, then the town manager is in need of some training.

Tabor City Mayor LIETabor CIty Town Manager LIEsite3

This image is a google shot from late 2019, you can see site3 is still not being used and never was intended to be used. I drove out there on 2/4/22 and it’s still not a parking lot.

So here’s your 100% proof they lied.

Here’s the study you paid for: here


About 2 months ago, we did a public records request for some info. One item was that new train sign on 5th street. I could not find in the paper where it was “approved” by anyone or even mentioned in a town council meeting. Mind you, there was a picture in the paper with a caption that said “approved by council”, but that was a lie. There are no meeting minutes that ever discussed that sign.

So we asked for proof. And they typed up fake meeting minutes for the October 2020 town council meeting and we provide the proof right here. 

The Mayor, the town council, the town manager and the town clerk all had their hands in this. This is an illegal act, faking required government documents. It is a crime.

We have here the original post we did of the meeting minutes where they approved the sign and they gave Kosloski his gun for $1. Now below that is the actual meeting minutes, it hit me I was there. We recorded the meeting down below, we have it on video (or parts of it). They went into closed session, they never voted on the sign. They FAKED THIS MEETING MINUTES!!! 

These two images are the October 2020 town council meeting. The meeting minutes don’t match?This screen shot of the Local Paper is from October 14th 2020, the next day. THEY DON’T MATCH. We were there and the video below is from that meeting, October 2020.

So we have posted here the full page of the town council meeting we were provided by the Tabor City Town Manager. You compare that to the account by the tribune.

The hand scribbled note, that’s your town managers method of accounting. But that is his hand writing and you see that $46,872 of your tax money? That was spent on a 2nd sign, just a few hundred feet from the existing sign at the visitor center.

WE HAVE PROOF - SCROLL DOWN, We video'd this meeting. The discussion of the SIGN NEVER HAPPENED!!! 

 The mayor, council and the town manager rewrote the minutes to cover his tracks when we made the FOIA/Public Records request. Do me a favor, call him and see what he says.


Is it criminal to FAKE legal town documents? Just asking for a friend.

Is this illegal?

Image here from the local paper, town allocates $1,000,000 of your tax money to rehab structures on West 5th Street. However, the town manager never discloses that this rehab will help him, since it will improve the neighborhood and as such will most likely improve the value of the property he owns.
You ever wonder how a politician gets rich? And you guessed it, the Mayor and Town Council approved it all. Only in Tabor City NC.

llc redacted
west5thxls trimax

If you add the almost $1,000,000 for this project to the new community center at the east end of 5th street, you will have a total of several MILLION DOLLARS controlled by the town manager spent around property he owns.

And the initial survey of locations for the business incubator identified this 5th Street Location as the LEAST DESIREABLE. They said so in the paper.


So they are shocked that people might be leaving town? I guess if you’ve had your head in the sand for the last 20 years, that might seem plausible. But lets be real, you fill up the town and the bypass with warehouses and semi-trucks and you think people will want to live here? 

Imagine you are a traveler and you stop at a place to eat on the bypass and look out the window, you see nothing but warehouses and semi-trucks running everywhere. But you decide to drive into town and see what the rest of the town looks like, so you stop at the visitor center, pull up, park and look around. Semi-truck, Semi-truck, Semi-truck, Semi-truck, Semi-truck and that’s in about a 20 minute window. So what do you think they are thinking now, the visitor? Place to buy a home? Maybe not.

This is 20 years of absolutely no vision. It is 20 years of building your legacy. That’s it, that’s all they have accomplished. And warehouses don’t shop, eat and pay sales taxes and they don’t count in the census. They do make people leave town though.

Imagine if 20 years ago a corporation was asked to buy land down the road (thinking big industrial park that is NOT IN TOWN) and build all their warehouses out there. Imagine if we had some nice little housing and condo communities where all those warehouses are? Imagine the bypass full of little communities, shops and restaurants? Can you see that.

But you will never see it now. Revenue down from low census numbers is just the beginning. As people leave, property values will drop, property tax revenue will drop, taxes will go up and you will be here left holding the bag BECAUSE YOUR TOWN MANAGER’s CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST!!!


Town of Tabor City North Carolina - Phone: 910-653-3458 Fax: 910-653-3970 1108 East 5th Street Tabor City, NC 28463 - Town Hall


Town of Tabor City NC  - TOLD YOU SO!!

WE WARNED YOU OVER THE LAST YEAR that your taxes would be going up. Not because of covid, but because the Mayor and Town Manager been walking around with your Tax Checkbook on a spending spree on stuff WE DON'T NEED. $50,000 on Christmas ornaments? $85,000 for a parking lot for a failed Train Tourism Farce!!! And how much was the new Town Manager TRAIN SIGN? Who approved that? 

Don't worry, they still got your tax checkbook out and writing checks. And when you can no longer afford to pay your taxes, don't worry, they'll repossess your property in nothing flat.

You already pay the HIGHEST TAXes in the entire county!!! You can thank the mayor and town manager for that. The chart shown here is from the county website. Shows every town and you pay the most taxes? For what? Well, you spend almost $1,000,000.00 per year on police. 

 There are some good ways to reduce the overall town budget, save money and not keep spending money like it grows on trees.


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Tabor City, North Carolina is located in Columbus County in the southeast corner 
of the State. Tabor City was founded as a rural market town on the Atlantic Coast
Railroad. Our history as an agicultural center can still be seen today with our fields
of corn, lumber yards, and grain silos. The municipality has a population of 4,287
and is located within 30 minutes of the Grand Strand (Myrtle Beach, SC and
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While many people know us because we are the way to the Grand Strand, we are
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