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Town of Tabor City NC 

You see this?

$1.2 Million of your tax money for this second community building. We already have the Ritz, why do we even need to waste this money? Its Tabor City!

You ever wonder what world these people live in? We are in the middle of a pandemic that has closed lots of small businesses, the ones still open can’t find help and our town is spending money like it grows on trees.

It’s funny, most politicians and people in government have never run a small business. Let me be clear, I talking hard working people that start a small business and work hard at it. I’m not talking about rich folks that run off to 4 years of college and come home to have the family business handed to them. These people didn’t start anything, they just turn a key in the morning.

Town of Tabor City North Carolina - Phone: 910-963-3458 Fax: 910-653-3970 1108 East 5th Street Tabor City, NC 28463 - Town Hall


Town of Tabor City NC  - TOLD YOU SO!!

WE WARNED YOU OVER THE LAST YEAR that your taxes would be going up. Not because of covid, but because the Mayor and Town Manager been walking around with your Tax Checkbook on a spending spree on stuff WE DON'T NEED. $50,000 on Christmas ornaments? $85,000 for a parking lot for a failed Train Tourism Farce!!! And how much was the new Town Manager TRAIN SIGN? Who approved that? 

Don't worry, they still got your tax checkbook out and writing checks. And when you can no longer afford to pay your taxes, don't worry, they'll repossess your property in nothing flat.

You already pay the HIGHEST TAXes in the entire county!!! You can thank the mayor and town manager for that. The chart shown here is from the county website. Shows every town and you pay the most taxes? For what? Well, you spend almost $1,000,000.00 per year on police. 

 There are some good ways to reduce the overall town budget, save money and not keep spending money like it grows on trees.


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A Sign of Failure and Screwing the Tax Payers - Tabor City North Carolina

A train tourism business promoted for years now becomes a “community center”? New jobs promised just before the 2019 election but the building is still vacant and the owners are asking for more of your tax payer dollars. $85,000 of your tax money spent on land for that “Train Failure” parking lot. Only in Tabor City NC.

So this new community building will be in addition to the Ritz center. How many do we need? And there is a privately owned Event Center. Here’s the fun part, that privately owned center paid their money for the property, paid for repairs and pays a lot of taxes. Those taxes have been used (in the form of grants) by the Tabor CIty Town Management to build two event centers to compete with the privately owned center. So they took money from the private business and used it to build two competing businesses (tax payer funded and maintained), the private owner got SCREWED! Only in Tabor City NC.

Next lets talk about the new business incubator (in addition to the one in the industrial park), tax payer funds to build space for businesses. If you own property in this town and need to rent that space to a business, you are now competing with the Tax Payer funded incubator. As a business property owner, they take your tax money and use it to compete with you. You are getting SCREWED.


$85,000 of Your Tax $$$ just for land for the new community center parking lot? Does that sound good to you?

October Town Council Meeting 2020

If you check the October 14th Tribune, they document that the Town Manager is seeking another almost $1,000,000 in funds to be spent….Guess Where? West 5th street.   You’ll also see a small error (no it’s intentional) by the Tribune that there was no objections to a solar power installation on school street. 

There was, several people were obviously upset and one gentleman was outspoken that he wanted to keep his community the way it was. 

We in the past were occused of having false statements on this site. So to be honest, in the article below we state that the town manager is hiding behind an LLC. That is actually not true, he is actually hiding behind 2 LLC’s. My best count is that he owns about 14 properties on West 5th Street out of about 30 possible deeds. That means  he owns almost 50% of West 5th Street, Tabor City NC.

In July of 2019, we addressed Tabor City NC Town Council on two issues you find on this site. Mowing grass for rich folks for free while passing an ordinance to charge poor people $115/hour for the same service. Then we read them out loud the town noise ordinance, straight from their books and followed with a video of the conditions they have created in Pete Circle, noise and all. I then asked them if they would live in Pete Circle or buy a home there.

Their response to both, NOTHING!!! CRICKETS!! Not one council member spoke up to defend either the town or to voice support for the regular folks in this town. NOT ONE.

Now here’s the funny part, next day in the Tribune, not one word was published or even mentioned. I’ve watched the Tribune for years cover these meetings in great detail. Every speaker…. But not me… Not what I had to say.

So councilman, I found I could legally video tape the meetings. And when I do, the town council finally finds reason to speak. My constitutional right to speak, blocked from the Tribune. Poor folks in this town being run over (with proof) and challenged in a meeting - Nothing - Not one word. But you on video is reason to speak?

On top of that, the councilman/person says there are lies on this site. Every article has images from cameras, the internet, town ordinances, deeds and I’m lying? Find it!! Prove it!!!  I’ll be waiting.

Oh, my first amendment right, free speech, allows me to bring scrutiny to any government body, including you sir. 

Well, here is meeting #1, September 2020.  Sorry about the audio quality, they started talking lower when they saw the camera. We will be buying new equipment soon.

September 2020 Town Council Meeting

Tabor City NC - In this meeting, if you turn the volume up, and watch, what you will see is what I call the “YES” men. Mr Town Manager says something, it’s followed by a vote that will always be affirmative and you watch these long enough you’ll see that there are very few, if any questions by your elected officials.

In what world is everything approved with no descent? $50,000 for Christmas lights, YES, $85,000 for land for a train depot for train business they just admitted might never come, YES.  Throw cash out the window in the middle of a pandemic, Why Not YES!!!

At the end, You’ll see the councilperson attack this site and call this info lies. Well, at least he spoke I guess, something other than YES.

Well well… Looky here!!!

So, you are out of a job, behind on all your bills and might be kicked out of your house. Well don’t worry, Tabor City NC Town Management has your back. You got six month to get your town bills caught up. But Mr. Mayor is spending $50,000 on new Christmas lights. That’ll sure help when you are homeless.


The towns income will be down over the next year or so due to low sales tax collections. So if they waste money on stuff like this, then the only choice will be to raise your cost of living in this town. Higher taxes, higher water and sewer rates. 


Check new info on Zoning Page

Is this illegal?

Image here from the local paper, town allocates $1,000,000 of your tax money to rehab structures on West 5th Street. However, the town manager never discloses that this rehab will help him, since it will improve the neighborhood and as such will most likely improve the value of the property he owns.
You ever wonder how a politician gets rich? And you guessed it, the Mayor and Town Council approved it all. Only in Tabor City NC.

llc redacted
west5thxls trimax

What a difference a few weeks make!!

Here, an image from the Tabor City NC Tribune just before the 2019 election. The Tribune using their paper to push their candidates.  Then at the next town council meeting, they tell the truth. They need to borrow money and raise your water/sewer rates to cover aging/damaged lines and systems.

And the Editor of the Tribune states that they need $12,000 million, ok I’m no math teacher but isn’t $12,000 million - actually $12 Billion? 

So Town and Tribune, where did the $32 million you already got go? How can you get and spend $32 million and you still need $12 million more? They actually say the sewer system is in “average” shape. Some of the system (actually sounds like most of it is in poor to average) is in poor condition.

After $32 million, sounds like we need a lot more than $12 million. 


Did the Town Manager just tell a LIE?

Tabor City NC - So the town at the direction of the town manager has decided to enforce a decade old ordinance to make you mow your grass. If you don’t, they will have someone mow it, charge you $115 per hour to get it done (Where did they get $115/hr for mowing grass?).

You see, they want to do that to us. Because we are middle class to poor folks. We are not rich. Here you see a screen shot of the Tribune article showing the Town Managers comments and Council’s rubber stamp approval.

Also here you will see a tractor mowing private property here in town (and they do it in more than one place). Except this is for a rich family. I’ve asked for records showing this family was paying the town $115/hr to mow this grass, they have failed to respond.

Oh, wait, the town manager says clearly that the town “should not compete with them”? But Mr Town Manager, you are competing and have been for many, many years.

So whats the truth? Truth is, YOU AIN’T RICH. So the LAW APPLIES to you. And you are not one of the “GOOD OLE BOYS” that the Town  takes care of.

Tabor City NC 

It’s your Tax Money - Tabor City NC

We just wanted to document your tax money being spent. Time will be the judge if it was wise or not. But we want to document for the record. Just to give credit, some info here are clips from the online version of the Tribune. Since Tabor City NC Town Management does not keep an adequate website to document their comments, grants, wasted money and lies. We will use the Tribune to document it for you.  

So lets get started. RJ Corman said in the Tribune they spent 3 Million of their own money. Shown here, they got 9.8 Million (from you) to do some work. Then they get another 17.5 Million from you. That gets them to a whopping 25 mph. That’s not fast enough to make money. They need to get to maybe 55mph. Based on the MILLIONS they already got from you, I’m assuming they will need another 35 Million from you to get to 55mph (again of your money). 

So looking around Columbus County, what could RJ Corman possibly haul to justify 50 or 60 million dollars of your tax money. Count ‘em up. I dare you.

Here’s my prediction. Unless there is a major industrial revolution in Columbus County, this will be MILLIONS of your tax dollars down the drain. And just as a reminder, your country is $22 Trillion in debt right now.

Assuming there are around 3500 people in Tabor City NC, at $60,000,000, they could have written everyone in town a check for over $17,000. I’d rather have the check. How about you? That would really boost the local economy!


The images above are lightboxed and if you click on them they will expand for easy reading. We give the Tabor City NC Tribune credit for these screen shots of their paper, which we paid for. And we are not profiting from these images. This is “fair use”.

This is my favorite!!! -  Tabor City NC

Here is a project using $800,000 of your tax money to renovate an old building on 5th street for a “business incubator”. With the town manager stating that “there is no available space left in Tabor City for new business opportunities".

So I’m guessing all the closed up, boarded up buildings around town don’t count?


Click on image to expand!!

Use your camera/phone, take pictures when you see something wrong. Send them to If we can use the images, we will pay you a minimum of $25 per image. Make sure to include your contact info. All information is 100% confidential.

John Stossel: When politicians favor their friends, that's not capitalism, that's corruption ( 

And for those of you that think a town cannot be corrupt or have it’s leadership arrested, just go google “fbi raiding small town” . We have a screen shot to the right for you. 


How about this...

Illegal to use public vehicles, equipment and resources for private property purposes.

Not corruption- Illegal


Another crime? Maybe just corruption? Or more corruption in Tabor City NC

Maybe? This plot of land belongs to a private citizen. Not to the town or the towns tax payers.  Here you see a town owned, wait let me clear this up for you, a tractor owned by you the tax payers, mowing private property. And this is not the only location where this happens. It’s happening in multiple locations. 

Well, it might seem weird on the surface, except all the land we see getting mowed for free has one thing in common. It’s owned by very rich people, millionaires. If you google “columbus county gis” you find the owner of this lot. 

But you need to understand the impact. These are a few cases of things we’ve found, how many do we not know about. How much of your tax money is being spent to help people that are already rich? 

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Tabor City, North Carolina is located in Columbus County in the southeast corner 
of the State. Tabor City was founded as a rural market town on the Atlantic Coast
Railroad. Our history as an agicultural center can still be seen today with our fields
of corn, lumber yards, and grain silos. The municipality has a population of 4,287
and is located within 30 minutes of the Grand Strand (Myrtle Beach, SC and
Brunswick County, NC).
While many people know us because we are the way to the Grand Strand, we are
so much more than that. We are award-winning campgrounds, locally owned
restaurants, muscadine wines, and family values. We are a friendly community,
where you will always be greeted with a wave and a smile whether at a football
game on Friday night or at the NC Yam Festival held each October.
While areas around us have changed with hasty growth, suburban lifestyles,
and traffic jams, we have maintained our identity as a true southern town with
our laid-back hospitality, sense of community pride, and nostalgic return to
simpler times.